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Rishikesh and Devprayag with Bikers

In my previous post, I shared my experience exploring Rishikesh solo. On that trip, I captured some really good photos that I shared with a biking group I am a part of. Needless to say, they were shocked that such beautiful spots existed in Rishikesh.

The next week, one of my buddies, Rohit, called me to ask if I wanted to visit Rishikesh with them. This was because they were planning to head out for an outstation ride. Being a solo rider, I avoid large groups. But this time, I decided to travel with them even though I had been there the weekend before. I just wanted to see how it felt to travel in a group.

6 riders joined the ride including me.

Day of departure:

To get to our destination as early as possible, we decided to start the ride early in the morning. But as history proved time and again, no group ride starts at the exact time determined; we were also late.

The starting point was selected to lie on the route. Speaking of the route, we decided to take the Delhi - Meerut expressway. By this time, people were fined for riding two-wheelers on the expressway, but it wasn't in full effect. So we decided to try it and started gunning down the expressway.

If you remember this road from my previous blog, this is a fantastic piece of road and suitable for high speeds, which is why we reached Meerut quickly. From here one of the riders returned as he had some emergency at home and couldn't continue with us.

We decided to have a rest stop in Meerut while one of our riders, Peeyush, got his bike's tyre repaired. He felt the tyre pressure was too low and he was traveling with a pillion (his wife). It took a while, but the issue got fixed and we were on the road again.

Bikes at the first rest stop

A very tall Shiva temple at Haridwar

Slowly and steadily, we reached Rishikesh and now it was time to check into our dorms and freshen up.

After a while, we decided to visit the "Secret Waterfall". This time, I knew the exact spot and route, so we reached fast and had the whole place to ourselves. We clicked several photos and now it was time to head back to the dorm to park our bikes. We could have a bath, or change into dry clothes and go for an evening aarti at the ghat.

A view of the fall from Negi ji's drone

From left to right: Rohit, Peeyush and Negi ji having some photoshoot time, Navendu ji, definitely me who was forced to pose for the photo, The actual falls with Rohit below it.

The three of us at a campsite near Secret Waterfall

After some navigation through Rishikesh's narrow lanes, we reached Sai Ghat. This is the same ghat near Laxman Jhula that I visited at night on my previous trip. We stayed here for some time and decided it was too late to visit Triveni Ghat for the evening aarti.

But God had other plans for us. We witnessed something magnificent. Something few people know.

Sai Ghat is where young monks are trained. They get trained here about different worship rituals and then move on to different ghats or temples. It was surreal, to say the least.

Photos from at and around Sai Ghat

From here, we started our walk through the Rishikesh market and searched for a restaurant for dinner. We walked for a long time till we were tired and crashed into our beds as soon as we reached the dorm.

The next day:

Today, we were scheduled to return home. But before that, we had two options. Either we go to Kunjapuri temple for sunrise or visit Devprayag and witness the merging of two rivers.

Although Kunjapuri temple was my suggestion, Devprayag (suggested by Navendu ji, a quite senior rider with huge experience in travel and motorcycle riding), I liked Devprayag more.

We all fired up the engines before dawn and tore through the mountains' silence. For anyone standing on the road, it would have been a sight like no other. 5 motorbikes rumbled along the roads, traveling in a convoy.

It would be a lie if I said the ride was cold. It was fu*** chilly. We reached a place halfway along the route where there were some open stores. A fire was lit outside and warm tea was prepared inside. We warmed up and moved on.

Eventually, we reached Devprayag and from the top, it was a sight to see. Two rivers, each with water of different colors, merge from different directions and take a while to mix, creating a solid boundary between the waters. Why don't you see it for yourself?

Photos from at and around Devprayag

From here, we had to climb down a long (read: super long) flight of stairs to reach the river, which was in a valley. It was quite easy to go down, but it was equally terrifying to think we had to climb up this same route again.

We spent quite a while there and some of us took a bath in the chilly river waters. Folklore says it washes sins. Now we had the task of climbing up the stairs to the top where our bikes were parked. It was a task in itself and took a while. Huffing and puffing, we reached the top.

Return home:

We could have returned home the same way we came to Rishikesh, which is a well-known and well-traveled route. But as we inched closer to Rishikesh, we realized that there was a major influx of tourists and the roads were jam-packed.

Someone from the group suggested taking the Chilla canal route that starts before Rishikesh (if you are returning from Devprayag) and runs along the other side of the river along with a canal. This canal was further connected to the Chilla Hydropower project and Haridwar.

This road was quite spectacular, and I loved it. A narrow winding road passes through the forest with small water crossings in between. It was fun.

Eventually, we reached a location where an almost dry river crossed the road and decided to spend some time there. From the looks, it was evident that this must be a raging river during the monsoons. However, now, it was just a shallow stream with some water flowing. We had a lot of fun here once I was ready to wet my shoes. We rode along the riverbed and had fun.

After enjoying our heart's content, we decided to head home since it would have been dark soon. We stopped for tea and snacks. From here, the curvy road changed to a straight road along the canal. It was still narrow and eventually connected to Haridwar from where the highway started.

We reached home at night and called it a day. This being my first time traveling with a biker group, it was surprisingly pleasant. We had time to enjoy ourselves, and travel fast when needed and slow when we wanted. It was perfect. If you want to join this group feel free to contact them via the Instagram page

As usual, let me know if you liked my blog, and keep an eye out for more such blogs. Also, I'd love to hear about any travel story of yours. Do let me know via email/comment or contact me directly.




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