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Offbeat destinations (Part 8) - Grahan, Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Hey, how about a weekend trip to the hills, someplace that is easily accessible? How about Kasol? Easily accessible, in the mountains, people go on weekend trips. Oh, you don't like the crowd of tourists there, you want to go to a serene place away from everyone and just forget about the rest of the world for a couple of days?

What, that would be wonderful...? No worries, Let me take you to a magical village, very near to your home, but at the same time, unexplored and untouched.

Just 8 km from the main town of Kasol, you can find a hamlet by the name of Grahan. You must be wondering... how is it still unexplored?

Technically, you can't call this place unexplored, but most of the casual tourists don't like to visit this place as they don't like to complete the 8 km trek through the jungle to reach this place. Yes, you saw that correct, there is no other route to the village except to trek through the jungle. Moreover, once you reach, there is no network coverage to call your friends or use social networking. So, the only people you'll find here are the ones who love the company of mother nature.

How to reach this place?

Since this place is closest to Kasol, it makes more sense to come here and trek the rest of the distance. You can reach Delhi from anywhere in the world and then take a bus from Delhi to reach Kasol. You can freshen up in Kasol and have some light food as for the next few hours, you want to enjoy the trek and not worry about your tummy rumbling for food.

Okay... All set for the trek? Good!

Now you need to look for the main bridge that is entering Kasol. It's a well-known place and you shouldn't have any difficulty finding it. Near the bridge, you'll see a trail going towards your left, that's the way to Grahan Village.

The trek will be an easy one except for a patch of 3km. But, we will get to that later.

Most of the trek will be along the Jungle with the Grahan Nallah, a stream of water that will be at your side the whole trip.

The trail is clearly marked with red arrows on the rocks or using signboards on trees or anywhere suitable, so keep an eye out for them.

While on the walk, you'll pass through the lush green forest with pine trees and the sound of bees and insects with the mighty Parvati river in full force along the valley. Adding to the scenery, you'll see a few wooden bridges that you'll need to cross.

Wooden bridge on the way to Grahan

By now if you have reached the second bridge along the trek, it's time to pat yourself on the back. You have completed half of the trek.

After 5 km from the start of the trek, the trail will divide into two parts. One of them is an easy trek to the village. The catch here is that the shortcut is the steeper and more difficult path, but the other path is a bit longer. Whichever you take will lead to the same place so choose whichever suits you better.

But, whichever route you take, the mountain vibes will be there to follow you. The greenery through which you are walking, the stream of water flowing beside you, and the snow-clad mountains watching you from the distance is something which won't let you feel the 8 km long trek. Grahan is actually a really tiny hamlet of really old wooden homes, situated at an altitude of approximately 2350 meters.

Old houses

Oh, by the way, if you want, you can stay in Grahan for extended periods of time if you have the budget for it.

Where to stay?

Well, to be frank, there are a lot of homestays in Grahan. More than 50% of the houses in Grahan will have a homestay option. You just need to look for it. Alternatively, you can prebook homestays like the Howling Owl on Airbnb.

Things to remember when visiting Grahan:

  • This place is still in the pristine condition, so if you are visiting the place, please don't litter anywhere. If you are carrying any eatables for the trek, make sure to carry a small bag for the trash (You can use a side pocket of your bag) and empty the trash at any trash bin you find in the village or preferably when you come back to Kasol. I won't recommend leaving any trash in the village itself as there is no proper trash management system in the village and moreover, the plastics and the greenery around the place don't go quite well.

  • Liquor is strictly forbidden in the village. None of the locals drink alcohol. Make sure you aren't drinking or carrying any.

  • There is no cellular network or ATM. Even if you get a signal sometimes, it'll be very weak. Carry more than enough cash as it'll be useful.

  • Even during summers, temperatures may drop to 5 °C to even 0 °C so make sure you are carrying some woolen whenever you are visiting.

  • If you look for outside food, it can be quite costly as everything needs to be carried on the back of horses or mules through the trek you came. You can opt for the home-cooked Rajma Chawal which can be just as delicious.

  • Based on the average fitness of a person, the trek from start to finish may take around 3-5 hours. So start the trek early around the morning and not trek at night as it is still a jungle and you need to be aware of the dangers around you.

  • Outside people are generally not allowed in the temples there. So it'd be better if you stay away from it or ask a local for permission.

So, what do you think of this place? Let me know what do you think of this place.

Map to Grahan:

Disclaimer: The pictures on this page is not taken by me and I don't claim any rights on the pictures. The credits go to the respective owners of the pictures.




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