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Offbeat Destinations (Part 5) - Kurseong

Kurseong, also known as "The land of White Orchids" is located close to Darjeeling and is famous for waterfalls, temples, Buddhist gompas, and most importantly, the mystical and magical view that is on offer.

For most of the year, the weather is pleasant with a touch of cool, but inspite of that, it doesn't experience a lot of hustle and bustle from the tourists.

Apart from this, it rains a fair amount in the monsoon and that's important to keep the lust green flora and fauna of the place alive.

If you visit this place and wait till sunset, you will be offered a panoramic view of the tea plantations, lush green forests and the snow-clad mountains in the distance with colorful sunset skies filling the scene with different shades of colors.

If you are lucky, you will be able to see the mystical views of jungles covered with a thick fog and the light shining through it.

Foggy weather is really normal here and adds to the mystical touch.

White orchids from which Kurseong gets it's name.

How to reach Kurseong?

Kurseong, although remote it may look, is well connected by road and railway. By rail, you can take the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and get down at Kurseong.

By road, you can take a cab from Darjeeling and enjoy the awesome views along the road. If you are coming by air, the nearest airport is at Bagdogra. The nearest major railway station is at New Jalpaiguri which is about 53 km.

Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway.

Kurseong Railway Station - the old beauty is still preserved here.

Sights at Kurseong

There is not much to see or do in Kurseong, but the natural beauty here makes up for everything. Still, there are a few places you can see if you are visiting here.

Eagle's Crag: This is a viewpoint that provides a really awesome panoramic view of the Kurseong town and Siliguri. You can come here in the early mornings and the evenings to watch the sunrise and the colors of the sunset. There is a small garden surrounding the place and a cafeteria. For best views, you can climb the 30' watch-tower in the garden.

Central watchtower at Eagle's Crag

Rock Garden: As the name depicts, rock garden lies on a huge bed of rocks also known as Giddha Pahar, which in turn gets its name from the famous temple located on it, Mata Mandir, also known as Giddha Mandir.

View from a viewpoint at Rock Garden - Imagine a timelapse here.

Rock Garden is the most beautiful viewpoint from where one can see the beauty of the hills and the plains simultaneously. The enchanting sight of two rivers, Balasun and Mahananda add upon the extra flavors to it. The forest and tea gardens make the scene more beautiful by adding a touch of green to it while the clouds roll over.

It is advised to visit this place in the afternoon and watch the magnificent sunset.

Deer Park: Also known as Dowhill Park and situated in the downhill area is one of the major tourist attractions in Kurseong and is suitable for a casual stroll in the lap of nature. You can also trek to the deer park and if you are visiting at the right time, you will see the park covered in mild fog through the pine trees and the rays of the sun shining through it creating a mystical scene.

Pine trees trap the fog creating a blue hue through which the sun shines and creates this magical landscape.

Museum: There is also a museum in the area named Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose museum (also known as NSC Bose Institute of Asiatic Studies ) is hosted in the house of his elder brother, Sarat Chandra Bose. It is situated in the Giddha Pahad area and is a 5-10 minute drive from the railway station. Just a fun fact, that how I came to know about Kurseong. During my childhood, when I stayed with my parents, a television set was a big thing and only a few people in the village had one in their homes. At that time, all of my family members completed their household chores as soon as possible, so that we could gather and watch the daily soaps. At that time, a new mystery show started to air, and its name was Kurseong- A place covered under Fog, I must say that I couldn't manage to watch it regularly, but the pictures I had seen, had blown my mind away, and once I reached class 10th and got an access to internet, I started searching for it. Since then I wanted to visit that place and appear that my long-time wish will be coming true in the coming year, 2020.

Disclaimer: The pictures on this page are not taken by me and I don't claim any rights on the pictures. The credits go to the respective owners of the pictures.




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