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Offbeat Destinations (Part 2) - Chembra Peak

Updated: Oct 27, 2019


Chembra peak is located close to the town of Mepaddi and just about 8 km south of Kalpetta. It is the highest peak of Wayanad hill range at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. This particular place is famous for short, one-day trekking experience which takes about 3 hours. On the way to the peak, a heart-shaped lake makes up for epic Instagram selfies and a dream come true for photographers.

According to the locals, this lake never dried up whatever the weather might be, although this claim is yet to be verified. Personally, I would suggest carrying a drone to get the best shot of this lake. At the peak, you get to experience panoramic views of complete Wayanad District, a large part of Kozhikode, Mallapuram and Nilgiri Districts.

Treks to this place are organized by the "Chempra Peak VSS" under the South Wayanad Forest Development Authority and guides are also available on request.

Tips to visit this place:

  • Carry an adequate supply of water, packed lunch, and extra clothing in case you might need one.

  • Since this area comes under the forest division, you will have to take prior permission from the forest office in Meppadi before trekking to the Chembra Peak. You can search for agents who will help you with this or even a better alternative would be to ask your hotel to help you get the permit. Once you get the permission, you will receive a pass that will allow you to enter the designated forest area.

The best time to visit Chembra Peak would be between September to March. If possible, try to avoid the February-March duration as you won't be able to see the Lush green areas. The perfect time to visit would be just after the monsoon ends, as the forest will be dense and the grass green adding to the beauty of the place. It is strictly not advised to trek in the monsoon because the path will be very slippery and the weather won't be that suitable for trekking. However, if you are adventurous and is willing to take the risk it will definitely be worth the risk.

It is preferable to start the trek early in the morning as the sun won't come up then an the morning freshness combine with the soft sunshine is an experience to be cherished forever.

Disclaimer: The pictures on this page is not taken by me and I don't claim any rights on the pictures. The credits go to the respective owners of the pictures.




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