How to satisfy your wanderlust even when you are at home due to Covid-19

If you are someone who loves traveling and exploring new places, then being stuck at home for long periods can be a challenge for you.

I understand this as I am happy if I am outside my home, even if it is going to the local market. Anything different than daily life makes me happy.

So, whether your bank account is not allowing you to just pack your bag and leave for the place where you want or maybe you are at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you must have found yourself unable to satisfy your wanderlust.

However, do you knew that there are some activities that you can do right from your home or couch whichever is preferable to you?

Seems interesting? Read on…

I have put together some of my top tips on how you can get the feel of traveling but right from your home.

Take a virtual tour to satisfy your wanderlust

If you love traveling, you must be aware that there are many travel shows on the internet to binge on. Several really good content creators traveled far and wide and tell about their experiences in the form of videos or podcasts.

You can see the blogs on ‘Best travel Series to watch in time of this lockdown’ and ‘Few movies to satisfy the wanderlust in you’ to get a list of the shows you can watch.

If you listen to podcasts, has a great collection of them.

Some worth mentionable youtube channels: