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How I got my GoPro back..!

Updated: May 23, 2020

If you are following my blog from the beginning or know me personally, you might remember, I bought a GoPro Hero 2018 sometime around May 2019 and a DSLR after a few days. It was the most useful camera in my collection. I made a fair share of videography with that camera and most of the times, it was kept with other items on my table. Now, as my collection of camera accessories and gadgets are increasing, I was looking for a Camera Backpack. I was looking for a medium-sized bag with enough protection for my cameras and a bit of extra space for a day or two of clothing. I looked around Amazon and found a couple of backpacks that were in my budget, but most of them were without the protection or the quality I was looking for. Finally, I found something I was looking for (at least what I thought then). It was the Lowepro BP150NE backpack. It looked classy and the interior was perfect with velvet lining all over the place instead of a synthetic layer with strips of velcro. This meant that I could attach the separators as I liked.

This was the bag I ordered. (Price has reduced now))

Fast forward to the day I received it >>

I received the bag from Amazon delivery agent and after opening the package, I was dumbstruck. The bag was a bit bigger than the small backpacks/handbags which the girls carry to their classes. Still, I decided to give it a try and arranged the inner compartments and started to put my camera gear into it. Amazingly, the bag was full with only my camera gears and no space was left for a single thing and this means it wasn't suitable for me. So, I initiated a return for it and took out my equipment from it and repacked it for the return. Now, at this moment, I was a bit disappointed and was a "mood-off" state. So, I removed the large DSLR from the main compartment and completely forgot the tiny GoPro in the front Pocket. The next day, the bag was picked up by another agent, and being a heavily padded backpack, the tiny GoPro wasn't even felt.

Fast forward to a week later>> I ordered a few batteries with a charger for the GoPro and once I received them, I was looking forward to testing the new batteries. Then I realized that my camera was missing. To be honest, I am a messy person and my room always seems like a tornado has just passed by. Still, somehow, I manage to find most of my things when needed. But not that day, The GoPro was nowhere to be found. Me and my roommates, Ayush and Pankaj, we searched all over the place in every corner and couldn't find the camera. Most of the time, it was sitting on the table with the other camera and the mess around it.

we even searched for the camera inside the refrigerator but it wasn't there.

By this time, we were sure that I have returned the camera inside the bag. We immediately contacted the customer support of and explained the issue. However, without any satisfactory response from them, we looked if there was a higher point of contact in and searched the internet for it. On some answers in Quora, we found that there was a team named ECR who handles the higher level of contacts, and to reach them we need to email Jeff Bozos directly. We decided to give it a try. Ayush drafted an email explaining the situation and sent it to and we waited for the response.

It took a while, but one fine day, I received a call from someone in Amazon and he introduced himself as "Shoeb" and assured me that he will be assisting me with the issue from now. I explained the issue to him and he took it really cool and professional and the best thing, he also asked me about my blog. I was happy that day due to the fact that I realized, someone at Amazon will always get in touch with you no matter what. Shoeb also informed me that it would take a while for the issue to be resolved and he will personally follow up with the issue. After that, a week passed by and I was a bit restless so I emailed once again. This time I received a prompt reply from Shoeb that since the issue is a bit critical, it is taking a while. But he will inform me as soon as he gets any update.

Fast forward to a week or two later>>

I was tired after my shift and was passing the afternoon in deep sleep curled under a warm blanket. I received a few calls from telemarketers and was already annoyed by it and started ignoring the calls. Suddenly, after one call was missed, I received a call within a minute from the same number and decided to see who it was. And that was the best decision, It was Shoeb on the other side. I was in deep sleep and was unable to understand the whole thing that Shoeb said, but I understood the following phrases:

"Chandan, we found the Gopro inside the bag..." "...arrange for a reverse pickup..."

"...will send... address..."

Although in deep slumber, these were enough to understand that my Camera was found and I just needed to arrange a reverse pickup for the item from the location which will be sent by email. After I woke up in the evening, I checked my email and found the contact details of Mr. Ayush at a fulfillment center in Manesar, Haryana, and the address, and also he was the point of contact from then on. The next day, we went to a few courier centers who said that they don't pick-up items. so I contacted Ayush and informed him about the issue and he informed me that Blue-dart picks up items from that location. I contacted Blue-dart and they also declined to pick-up the item from there. The only option left with us was to personally go to the location and pick-up the item. I discussed with Ayush regarding that and he suggested I send an email to Shoeb from the ECR team stating the issue and informing them to send an email to Ayush authorizing him to handover the item to me after verification. I sent the email and the next day received a call from someone who mentioned that since Shoeb is on leave, he will be assisting me. He asked me for a brief of the conversation of me and Ayush and assured that we can go there and pick-up the item.

We also confirmed with Ayush regarding that and on a fine Monday morning, I and Kanishk left for Manesar to pick-up the item. It took almost 4 hours to reach Manesar and although we were following Google Maps, it took us to the rear side of the Fulfillment center.

The route that we took to Manesar

After a few turns here and there, we finally reached the place where Ayush shared the details of someone named Puneet who would handover the item to me. We were really awestruck by the size of the size and the maintenance of the fulfillment center and had started to wonder about the stories of people getting soaps and whatnot instead of expensive mobiles and we were discussing how those allegations must be false as we could witness that everything was in a perfect condition here. After about 45 minutes of waiting at the reception and all the required paperwork and verification, I was handed the camera and after a photo together, we departed from there. On the way back, we visited Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Delhi for the Langar. After that, I received calls from Ayush and Shoeb confirming if I have received the GoPro and wished me luck for my blogs and photography. After all this, I have reasons to believe a few things about Amazon:

  • There is always someone at Amazon to help you if the reason is genuine and you follow the steps informed.

  • For Amazon, Customers come at the number one priority.

  • Everything takes time, be patient.

I would like to thank Shoeb and everyone involved in the crusade of finding the lost Camera and returning it back to us.




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