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How to travel light? - Packing like a pro.

Do you love to travel but tired by tugging the heavy trolley bag around?

Packing light can be a challenge to anybody who is messy like me, but when I travel, I make sure to travel as light as possible, this is because I travel mostly with a single 30L backpack or a 60L Rucksack.

If you are not aware of how to pack light, you may find yourself carrying a huge amount of luggage for a 2-day trip. But, I can help you bring it down to a single rucksack or a trolley/suitcase depending on your preference.

Here are my trips to travel light:-

My point: Travelling light doesn't mean traveling ultralight or not carrying what you need. It is more of carrying only what's needed and being comfortable and also to enjoy the trip.

I have made these changes over the years, from carrying a 60L rucksack and a massive 40L backpack hung from the front and all the while carrying a vintage massive and rigid suitcase all for a 7 day trip to my home from hostel, to carrying only a 30L backpack for a week-long trip to Shimla, which contained my photography equipment and all the clothes needed for the trip.

Advantages of traveling light:

  • Easier to carry.

  • Quicker to pack and unpack at home/destination.

  • Keeping all of your stuff together and hence less chance of losing a bag/stuff.

  • Freedom to go around.

No more side stories. I promise. Let's come directly to the points that you all love to read.

<1> Don't use the big suitcase/bag!

Yes, that's right. Don't use that large bag. Instead, use a smaller one.

I do understand that it can pack a large amount of stuff into one bag, but that also means that you pack way more than required.

If you are using a trolley bag, instead of using a massive 85 cms bag, opt for a smaller 65 cms one. It will certainly hold less, but you will take only the items that you need! Isn't that?

<2> Don't pack by going through things. Use a packing list.

This particular tip applies not only to traveling but also to shopping and many other aspects of life as well. One example of this is while shopping. When packing or shopping, make a list of the things that you need and stick to it. This will make sure that you complete the task at hand quick by selecting and paying attention to only what's needed.

<3> Don't pack shoes for every occasion. Take the least that you can have.

There's no denying the fact that we all love shoes and have a pair for each occasion and pants. However, on a trip, you don't need to carry all of that. You can select a pair or two but make sure they are multipurpose.

Girls, you can ditch the heels and be comfortable.

You can look at my favorite collection of shoes for different occasions here in this blog.

<4> **Jugaad Alert**

Cut the detergent soap in half.

Yes, you saw that correctly. Although very little, but if you have the option to wash clothes at the place you are staying, you can carry a bar of detergent soap and wash light clothes such as t-shirts which in turn, allow you to carry less. But there is no need to carry the complete bar of soap. You can cut it in half as you won't be using it much. It will be easier to keep in the toiletry pouch and if needed you can dispose off without wasting much.

<5> Instead of carrying the whole of lotions and toothpaste, carry travel sizes of them in a toiletry pouch.

If you are carrying hand sanitizer, handwash, or any moisturizing lotion, you can purchase the travel-sized pouches of them instead of carrying the whole bottle. Alternatively, you can get small bottles in which you can store them instead of having to buy the separate pouches.


<6>Pack outfits that mix and match and can be used more without getting visibly dirty.

This is probably the best travel tip. Choose only the clothes that you can wear with one another instead of having to carry separate pairs of every cloth.

One option of this is carrying a black or dark blue denim, this can be worn with almost any colored t-shirt and still look cool.

That's all for today. Please do like this post and let me know if you use any of these tricks. Also, if you have any more tricks other than these, feel free to comment down below.




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