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Bloggers/Vloggers who are traveling as a Couple. #Couple_goals

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This post is dedicated to the people who took the step forward and just ventured out... together. I understand, there are a lot...a really lot of such couples, but due to obvious limitations I am not able to mention all of them.

This blog will document how I got to know them so this will be a bit long.

(Also, I promised someone that she'll be in this blog since I unintentionally left-out her name in the previous blog. If you can identify her, let me know in the comments.)

Amrita and Agniswar (Tale of 2 Backpackers)

This blog is by Agni and Amrita, tells the story of two person, united by the love for travel and of course, love for each other.

I came across their blog when I had the privilege of accessing external sites on my office computer and I was researching for a Ladakh trip and came across their blog post named "A complete guide to Ladakh Trip Plan – FAQs answered" from an image on google. I have to admit, this is one of the best organized and well-presented websites I have seen till now related to travel. And combined with the awesome images, makes it a complete package. Link to their blog:

Rohan And Bharati (Ronnie and Barty)

My favorite video creator...what can I say about them? Well, I will tell you how I found them. So, back when I used to watch every video related to travel (I still do) like it was my food, a video came to my suggestions on youtube. It was named "Way Back Home". At that time, I didn't give it much thought until later when I was looking for some details to plan a trip to Manali (which never happened till now) and I stumbled upon the same video again. This time, I watched it completely and I was spellbound... the narration, the cinematography, the content, everything was miles above the best video seen till that date. I watched the whole of the series of Way Back Home in one single night and as usual, the next day, I was more of a zombie in my office. Then after looking for a long time on every social media platform for travelers for these guys I almost gave up the search when youtube dropped another suggestion... a channel named "Ronnie and Barty". So, enough of my story... let's see who are they!

Other than an avid traveler, Rohan is also a writer and director. If you have watched the movie "Neerja", the person behind the camera was none other than Rohan. Oh, how can I forget... he is also a singer and a composer.

No video work is complete without someone manning the camera. This work is done perfectly by none other than Bharati. You can hear her a few times in the series of Way Back Home and probably see for a second or two at the maximum, but she makes an official debut on the video of "What's the Deal with Old Manali?"

Other than this Bharti is a creative person who has vast experience in scripting and worked in Bollywood and Hollywood as a script supervisor. If you have watched 'Neerja', 'I, me aur Main', 'Bombay velvet' Or 'London Has Fallen', she was the script supervisor in all of these and a few others. Phew... that was long...:) Okay, One more line... Rohan, Bharati, if you are reading this, you are officially my most favorite travel content creator.

Nikhil and Shanice (Mumbiker Nikhil)

One of the very first travel videos I ever watched was from these guys.

Although I loved the concept of travel and adventure right from the time I was in school, I had no exposure to it other than the occasional printed magazines.

When I moved to my hostel, I had access to high-speed wifi from the hostel and I was on Facebook all day long and saw some images like 'Best road trips in India' There was an image of a biker through the mountains and it was Ladakh. So, I searched on youtube 'Ladakh trip' and the first video popped up of two guys traveling to Khardungla on bikes. This was probably in the year 2016. That.. right there was the fuel needed for the spark of traveling in me to turn into a raging fire. I absolutely fell in love with traveling and bikes right from that video. Nikhil is a vlogger who we can say as the person who popularized the concept of vlogging in India. Other than that, he is also an avid biker himself. Often we see a girl as a pillion or as a co-traveler and she is none other than Shanice. First I would like to appreciate her as she is on most of the trips as Nikhil's pillion rider, be it the treacherous mountain passes of Khardung-la or to any other part of India. Trust me... sitting as a pillion may seem easy but it is not a joke. I have first-hand experience of it as till now I ride with Kanishk on every trip and it is really tough sitting for long hours on the rear seat. Hat's off to you Shanice...!

Karan and Parul (

I came to know about them while listening to a travel podcast by 'The Musafir Stories' while working at the office. It was really awesome hearing their experiences of a bike ride across North-East India. I loved the way they described their experiences and really wanted to read about their experience in detail. So I started to look for their blog and after a tedious search operation... I finally found them. The best thing about their blog is that it's minimalistic. There are no distractions to disturb you while reading and the write up is much friendly and casual. You can almost feel their experience reading their blog. Link to Karan and Parul's blog:

Ashwini Neetan (Hopping Miles)

Ashwini and Neetan are a traveling duo from Bangalore. I found their blog when I was just bored and was looking for more blogs to read and stumbled upon their blog post of "Bangalore to Ladakh Road Trip in a Fiat Punto – In 99 pictures"... of course through google images. The best thing about their blog is the photos and the casual way of writing. I am sorry that I don't have many details about them. It's just that I love reading their blog.

Link to Ashwini and Neetan's Blog:

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