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Best Weekend Treks from Delhi (Part 3)

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Hey there,

So, last two weekends, I posted the first two parts of a four-part series of treks that are accessible from Delhi and most of them can be completed within a weekend or an extended weekend.

The response to those two blogs was off the chart. So, this week, I am presenting you the third of the series of such treks. If you haven't read the previous two, you can read about the first part here and the second part over here.

Also, last night, I uploaded a new video of white-water rafting in Ganga. Click here to go to the video on youtube. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and youtube to receive notifications every time I upload something new.

Okay, sorry about going off-topic.

Let's get back on track and see five more treks that you can plan once it is safe to travel.

Auli Gorsen Bugyal Trek

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • Altitude: ~ 10000 ft

  • The starting point of the trek: Rishikesh

  • Best time to visit: September to June

We won't be wrong if we mention Auli by its second name. You must be wondering, 'What is it? Never heard of…'

Well, my friend, the second name of Auli is skier's paradise. Consequently, Auli has several treks that are popular with tourists who are looking for some adventure in life or maybe just want to leave the chaotic city life behind.

Auli Gorsen Bugyal is one such trek that is relatively easy to do if you are physically fit. This trek offers a simple path combined with exquisite views that is sure to amaze you.

Hatu Peak Trek

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • Altitude: ~ 10826 ft

  • The starting point of the trek: Narkanda

  • Best time to visit: May and June if you want to see greenery. March, September – November if you want snow trekking.

Hatu peak trek is a short and simple trek that can be completed within a day. Or, if you want Jungle camping, you can extend it to two days.

This trek may be short, but it offers you an unparalleled experience of walking through the forests of conferring, fir, deodar, and spruce trees. Adding to that, the wide meadows and the valleys make the view worth taking out your camera and snap a postcard shot.

Bedni Bugyal Trek

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • Altitude: ~ 11000 ft

  • The starting point of the trek: Rishikesh

  • Best time to visit: anytime between April to November.

Bedni Bugyal is one of the well-known high altitude meadows of Uttarakhand. As such, it provides you with an unmatched trekking location. The changing elevation of the route passes through some dense forests of rhododendron forests and also widespread meadows.

The best part of the trek is the view of Trishul Parvat and the Nanda Ghunti peaks from the meadow. Also, there are some huts made of rock walls that add to the scene and make it perfect for a picture.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

  • Difficulty level: Easy

  • Altitude: ~ 12000 ft

  • The starting point of the trek: Rishikesh

  • Best time to visit: September to June

This trek is similar to Bedni Bugyal Trek and is one of the ideal single-day treks. This trek also comprises a scenic trail that takes you through the dense forests of rhododendron and by the serene 'Barnala Tal' and finally, you reach the impeccably lush green meadow of Dayara Bugyal.

The proximity of this trek from Delhi made it a popular destination for trekkers.

Beas Kund Trek

  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

  • Altitude: ~ 12000 ft

  • The starting point of the trek: Manali, Solang.

  • Best time to visit: May to October

This is probably one of the shortest treks of the Himachal Region. Beas Kund trek, as its name suggests, takes you to the starting of river Beas. This trek comprises Glaciers, streams, snowcapped mountains, and of course, a river. The trek ends at the holy lake called the Beas Kund in the mountains.

Despite the nature of the trek, it can be completed within a weekend which makes it more popular.

So, that's all for today. As usual, do share this blog and let me know about your experience if you have visited either of these treks. I'll be happy to know about your experience. You can either comment down below or write at

Disclaimer: The pictures on this page are not taken by me and I don't claim any rights on the pictures. The credits go to the respective owners of the pictures.




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