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Best travel shoes for the adventurer in you !

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Picking the correct shoes for a trip can make even a tiring one feel better. Shoes are an important aspect of our dressing and there is no shame in admitting that we all make mistakes while choosing shoes.

But, don't worry! In this blog, I will help you pick between different types of shoes depending upon usage.

Before we start, here are a few things to consider when evaluating your shoes:-

<1>Comfort beats fashion

Yes, you read it right. Instead of selecting shoes based on looks, go for functionality instead. at the end of the day, you will wear the shoe and if it is not comfortable for you, even a minor discomfort can ruin the whole trip.

So, when selecting shoes for a trip, instead of selecting the one that looks best, go for the one that fits you best.

Girls, you don't need to carry the heels as they are fashionable but are painful to wear for longer periods of time.

<2>Quality socks

It's good that you are wearing a really great shoe and it fits perfectly, but if you look at your feet, it's not the shoe that touches your skin, it's the socks. Surely, the shoes act as an outer protective cover, but you need to invest in a good quality sock to feel the ultimate comfort.

<3>Support and insoles

Most of us ignore this part of the shoe. We go for the stock insole that comes with the shoe. But since the manufacturers don't manufacture shoes customized for us, it is our duty to customize them according to our needs. We can upgrade the insole of a shoe to a custom or aftermarket insole and upgrade the comfort level of the shoe exponentially.

<4>Match shoes to destination

This is probably the most important step in choosing shoes. Always select your shoes according to the trip that you will be taking.

If you are going on a casual tour, there is no need to pack the bulky hiking shoes. Instead, you can opt for much comfortable mesh sneakers. They will make sure that your feet don't sweat and will be lighter. However, if you will be hiking, there is no reason to carry the lovely sneakers as you won't be able to use them.

For traveling, we will classify shoes according to their type and purpose.

I will also mention my favorite shoe at the end of this blog and I am sure you will love it...

<1>For casual tours within the city (no hiking/trekking)

If you are traveling within the city or a town and there won't be any trekking or harsh terrain, I would suggest you go for casual shoes with mesh outer. This allows free air-flow to your feet preventing any moisture buildup.

Also, if you feel that the sole is a bit tough, add an insole to it and it will be the best shoe for casual trips and you can pair it with any denim or shorts and it would still look cool. One example of such shoe is shared below:

Reebok Men's Tread Fast Advanced Lp Running Shoes

I am personally using the black color version of this shoe and it looks really cool when combined with navy blue jeans and a black t-shirt. The outer layer of the shoe is meshed and can be worn even when it is hot outside. There are no patterns or stickers on the outside except for a subtle logo which adds to the style.

<2>For the offbeat trips that include trekking/hiking or any terrain which is not paved or clean like a city. Once you step out of the well-paved roads of the town and venture to the offbeat terrain, you will need some special shoes. Shoes that will provide adequate traction and protection from the harsh terrain. A hiking/trekking shoe is the best option for that. Mostly, people prefer shoes that are waterproof for this purpose and certainly, a level of waterproofing is required. But with waterproofing, the breathability of the shoe is hampered. This leads to moisture buildup within the shoe which if worn for long, poses serious issues. So, my suggestion would be to go for a trekking shoe with a breathable outer. You can definitely compensate for the waterproof feature.

One example of such shoe is:-

Wildcraft Men's RuNX TR Hugo Black_Grey_Yellow Trekking&Hiking Shoes (51657)

These are the shoes of choice when looking for trekking/hiking shoes. The outer layer is mesh with protection in the crucial areas. The sole material is a bit tough with a knobby grip which ensures that you get the right amount of traction on any terrain. The mild high rise in the shoe makes sure that you can engage in adventure activities without worrying about your shoes flying off from you.

<3>For any purpose (my personal favorite)

Now comes the best shoes in the series and my favorite one. they can be used anywhere and everywhere, can withstand rough usage and due to these properties, they are my favorite. They are none other than the Jungle boots. Although you will get a wide variety of them available at stores, the ones from Unistar are the most suited and I am using them for more than 3 years. I was gifted a pair of these shoes by my uncle who is in the armed forces and from then on, these are my first choice in shoes.

Unistar Men's Boots

These boots are a bit high rise, but not much to be uncomfortable. But the shoes are a bit on the harder side, so if you are not used to it, you will face a bit of difficulty getting used to it. The soles provide ample grip and protection on any surface. Also, these shoes can be used as riding shoes and still work great.

The best part is that you can pair these shoes with almost any color of denim and can wear both hidden in the denim like a regular shoe or by tucking in the denim to the shoe much like how the army uses them. I have used these shoes in the hills, on soft snow and also on hard snow, in every type of weather and never the shoes had any trouble. The plus point is that the shoes are dirt cheap.

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