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Best travel series to watch in the time of this lockdown

Let's admit it, we are not the kind of humans that love to sit within the 4 walls of our home. We love to venture outside, to live a life of adventures. Yes, we all love adventures, some of us admit it openly, some don't... but deep down, we all love a bit of adventure. It's like the salt in our foods, seems unnecessary, but is important for the taste. Okay, coming to the topic, last week, I posted a blog about a few movies that will inspire you to go out of your home and go to someplace you haven't been. Guess what...? That became the best performing blog as of the day I am writing this blog.

So, here's a similar blog on... well, not movies, but this time, travel series. Yes, These are a few travel series (mostly available on Youtube, to make your life easier)... Let me know which one of these you liked the most.

Soul Trails - Ronnie and Barty

This one tops the list as it's one of my most favorite travel series till now. This is about an Overlanding trip by a few friends. The best thing about this series is that it combines the best of cinematography, music, traveling to rarely known places, and of course, crazy friends. Overlanding means that they will completely rely on the supplies that they started the journey with-including cooking and staying. If you love venturing to the unknown, I am sure that you'll love this series. Sorry... I won't give out any more spoilers, just go and watch this. Let me know what you felt about it.


Way Back Home: by Rohan Thakur - The Vibe

But but... This is from the same person, shouldn't we get something different? Chill... even if it's from the same person, this one is almost 4 years old now. Moreover, this person, Rohan Thakur, Is really good with cinematography and trust me, once you see a place in his video, you'll never see the place the same ever in your life. Yes, you read that correct, this video is about a place so known to you but once you watch the video, you'll say... "I didn't know that this place has so much to see and do !"


Backpackers - Alright!

This series is really simple, revolving around 3 friends who are on a trip and meet a banker who is on a solo trip. The series is all about the banker guy finding himself again. You can think of it as a small remake of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.


Soulmates - Zoom

In this, the main story is about two people, who meet while on a trip and the story continues. Priyanshu, who is out to meet his favorite singer, with only one piece of information, 'The singer is going to perform at this so-called hotel in this particular place'. And the girl, on a bike trip, has halted at this same place and they travel together for a while. This series is all about keeping aside the mutual egos and confessing to one another about the feelings.


Away from home: Nayantara Jain - The Vibe

In this, filmmaker Rohan Thakur teams up with coral reef researcher Nayantara Jain to explore the Andaman Islands of India. The best part about this series is the serene visuals and of course, the way of showing it in a video. One thing about this series is that you'll fall in love with the Andaman Islands after you complete this series. Link:

Disclaimer: The pictures on this page are not taken by me and I don't claim any rights on the pictures. The credits go to the respective owners of the pictures.


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