A weekend trip to the hills on bike

Updated: May 6, 2019

“Travelling – It leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller.”

I experienced the same when I went for my first trip to Dehradun. The roads turned me speechless and then I am the storyteller, The Terrestrial Astronaut.

So here’s the story on how it went..

It was much like an unplanned trip and we just went on the trip and planned things on the way.

11th October 2018

We 3 friends Kartik, Kanishk and me, we were planning for a trip together for a long time, so, finally we were ready to take a trip together. Initially, we planned on going by train and then as no train was available at that time, we decided for a bus. But then it changed to bikes. Kartik already had his Pulsar 200NS and we needed one more bike. So, I packed my bag and went to my office to work for the night.

12th October 2018

At morning 7:00 our shift was over and we were ready to go. We headed to Kartik’s room for the breakfast and for the starting point of our journey. From there Kanishk and me went to Karol Bagh to rent a Royal Enfield classic 350. The shopkeeper really pissed me off with his attitude towards us and still then we decided to go with it. we tried a few bikes and decided to go with a particular 350 classic model at ₹ 1000 per day. The repair guys at the shop were really good and they worked for about an hour to get the bike set up for us and with a minor servicing. Although it meant taking spares from other bikes and putting it onto this one, but we were okay with it as long as it worked.

After that came taking the helmets for the ride. The only helmets provided for the ride along with the bike for the ride was really crappy and broken and dirty, so I decided to purchase my own.

We started our ride at about 2:00 pm and took another friend Nilanjan with us.

We took a halt at Kanishk’s place to get his helmet and bags for the ride.

After that we went to the highway at a cruising speed and just after a bit of time, we were about to reach Muradnagar and the traffic was really bad.

We took a halt there for some food and the paratha was really nice.

Although I am not quite a fan of paratha, but i liked it.

We faced a little issue with the Enfield’s starter motor at this point but it was resolved later.

From there we were heading towards Muzaffarnagar on the upper-ganga canal road.

At this point, I was away from all the anger from the bike and was enjoying the ride.