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Hey There, I am Chandan (@terrestrial_astronaut). 

A 23-year-old introvert who has a dream of traveling the world and going to unexplored places like an astronaut. Since this will be on earth, hence the name "Terrestrial Astronaut".

I didn't know about my love to explore new things and traveling until a few years back when I went to college and had fast free WiFi and I could watch videos about people traveling. 


I first experienced the thrill of a trip with friends during my visit to Dehradun on bikes and from then, I never stopped.

In the next few years, my bucket list includes things like –


  • Downhill cycling with an MTB (Dehradun to Mussorie and back)

  • Visit North-East India's remote corner and stay for a week with the tribal people in the jungles. 

  • Walk on frozen lake in Antarctica

  • Stand under a snowfall with my love

  • Ride a bike to sach pass in winter

  • Go on a long bike ride

  • Complete a bungee jump without any fear

  • Ride a raft on a crazy river

  • Complete the Auden’s Col​ trek in Uttarakhand

Quite challenging and vivid goals but well watch this space as I start ticking it one by one. :) 

Above all this, I hope this blog helps you plan your trips better and in a more economical way. Also, it inspires you to take the step outside like it inspired me and made me believe that life is out there – out in the open.​

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