Terrestrial Astronaut


Who am I?

Hi, I am  Chandan, a passionate traveler, motorcyclist enthusiast, photographer, and a very tech-savvy person. In my life span of around 25 years, I have spent most of my time, planning to travel famous as well as untouched places around the world and the rest of it drooling over motorcycles and the latest gaming laptops 😋

Becoming an office professional, I am on the path to fulfilling my dreams. I share all my experiences and travel stories through my Instagram handle and also on this website. 

My own stories...

My Youtube Channel...

Highlights first... I have an awesome collection of ambient sounds along with visuals. Also, there are a couple of travel videos. Do subscribe to the channel as more good stuff are coming soon.
You can search for "Terrestrial Astronaut" or click the image below.

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